ANOCEF's Atlas of Neuro-Oncology

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Françoise Darcel is currently a staff neurologist at the Hospital in Saint Pierre (Reunion). A student of Prof. Jean Pecker and Prof. Olivier Sabouraud, she directed the Neuropathology Laboratory of the CHU of Rennes, France from 1975 to 1995. Her collaboration with Prof. J.M. Brucher began with joint projects between the Neurosurgery Department of Rennes (Prof. J.M. Scarabin) and the UCL Neuropathology Department. An active member of the EORTC Brain Tumor Group until she assumed her position in Saint Pierre in 1996, Dr. Darcel's current research concentrates on analysis of the epidemiological particularities and the histological distribution of brain tumors, the incidence of which appears particularly low in that part of the world.

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