ANOCEF's Atlas of Neuro-Oncology

Pr. Jean-Marie BRUCHER     Pr. Marcel CHATEL    
Dr. Franšoise DARCEL     Dr. Ricardo THEAUX    

Aims of the Atlas of Neuro-oncology

Thanks to the possibilities offered by the Internet, the simplified presentation of this atlas aims not only to facilitate access to information on the neuropathology of central nervous system tumors but also:

* to encourage use of a common morphologic language by all concerned specialists (neurologists, neurosurgeons, neuroradiologists, neuropathologists, oncologists, etc.)

* to serve as a useful and original teaching tool thanks to integration of modern information technology in the daily routine of physicians, teachers, and medical students

* to be a rapid source of initial assistance , providing a description of basic principles for regular or occasional practitioners of neuro-oncology

* to promote further development of the atlas by "interactive" participation of other teams.

This atlas currently consists of a "permanent reference collection" of 197 images illustrating the major anatomopathological features of CNS tumors and the essential criteria for their diagnosis. In a future stage, neuropathologists will have the possibility to suggest the addition of other documents to enrich the basic iconography.

In addition, a "neuropathology forum" , which will be annexed to the atlas, will permit users to present exceptional cases, submit difficult cases for evaluation, and participate in discussions on certain documents of the atlas. While this interactivity will be spontaneous and left up to individual initiative, invitations to participate may be issued by one of the authors of the atlas. The authors will serve as the "editorial board" in charge of checking the quality of the documents that will be published on the site under the responsibility of their authors.

In the near future, the scope of this atlas will be expanded to include neuroradiology along with neuropathology . As a means of emphasizing the necessary close cooperation among neuro-oncologists, neurosurgeons, neuropathologists, and neuroradiologists, the latter will be able to propose characteristic images of each tumor entity. Following approval by the "editorial board", these images will be progessively incorporated in the atlas under the responsibility of their authors.

The authors are grateful to the University of Nice-Sophia Antipolis , and in particular the Medical School , and the ANOCEF (Association of French-speaking Neuro-oncologists) for their assistance in preparation of this atlas, which is accessible in English, French and Spanish.

© 1999 ANOCEF